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Feminist Elizabethan: The Bechdel, Russo, and Race Test: Teen Wolf, "Lies of Omission" - Season 5, Episode 9

The Bechdel, Russo, and Race Test
“Lies of Omission” passed the Bechdel and Russo test but did not pass the race test.
On the two occasions where women talked to each other in “Lies of Omission” (e.g., Malia and Lydia’s mom talked about school and the supernatural and Malia and Beth talked about how Beth was changing), all of the women had names and men were not mentioned by the women so “Lies of Omission” passed the Bechdel test. “Lies of Omission” also passed the Russo test, and the reason that the episode passed this test is because Corey, a LGBTI character, was in the episode; he was not defined by his sexual orientation (e.g., his sexual orientation wasn’t even a factor in the episode and he was mostly defined by his status as a chimera and as a failed experiment); and because he was pivotal to the plot of the episode and he couldn’t have been removed from “Lies of Omission” without causing a significant change to occur to the plot of the episode (e.g., Corey was why Theo and Scott had a chance to bond and Scott was able to learn from Theo about Donovan, and Corey’s death caused events to escalate even further which in turn helped tear the Wolfpack apart).*****
In regards to the race test, while there were several non-White characters in “Lies of Omission,” none of the non-White characters ever talked to each other so the episode did not pass the race test...
@ButterflyBandit thanks for the tip! Yeah I feel like it's getting better but that's why we should celebrate when it happens (and take note when it doesn't). What other shows are you into? I've really been enjoying Sense8
@shannon15 No problem! Yeah, not many American shows consistently pass the Bechdel, Russo or race test. If you want to read more there's plenty at that website FeministElizabethan.com.
This is really great to keep in mind! Teen Wolf is doing better than a lot of shows in terms of representation but it's not perfect. I love that Scott is the main character, and that out of everyone he's got the heart of gold. A friend of mine actually asked how many shows (out of the world) pass both the Bechdel test and the Race test in the same scene (we've been calling it the Mako Mori test because of Pacific Rim). Very few of them do. Sometimes Kira and her mom talk, but you're right, it's not every episode. Thank you for sharing this!
@Shannon15 I don't think I've heard of Sense8? I watch a ton of shows like Reign, The Originals, Game of Thrones, The 100, AHS, Scream, Awkward, Faking It, The Strain, Fargo, Empire (which usually passes the Bechdel, Russo and race test every episode), Hannibal, Girls and K-dramas. I feel like there are shows that I'm leaving out but I can't think of what else I watch.
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