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So our girls are officially back! Woop. I must admit that. Actually get much excited to see this MV. Though I wanted to see the other one they hinted at when Party first came out. So first thing first SM how can you misspell Girls! Like come on man. I know a company this big has to have someone looking over simple things like this. They basically control everything else. Secondly I'm kind of disappointed with the song. Im happy Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona and Yuri actually got lines this time around. But if seemed as if they were trying too hard to make up for the fact that they no longer have Jessica's powerful vocals. Im not saying they sounded horrible because they didn't. But if just seemed a little bit more forced. It also had a lot of colors which I'm not surprised about. It kind of reminded me of I Got Boy with the brightness and everything. I don't enjoyed the feel but not so much the song.
Kind of moving from that I'm surprised that SM is having them promote three songs. Though most of us should know it might just be to get the public to forget about what happened but I doubt it. So what did you guys think!! Let me know!
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@KpopGaby I really did not like Party either. It was weird to me. I agree. But to me it's a bit weird that now they want to showcase everyone after she leaves. But I still hope the songs a big success
@daznothephop Knowing how Soshi's are, I think it will. But since Jessica basically had a potential voice, they displayed more of her voice, while the others were kept put. But now that others have a chance for more lines, why not showcase their voices? It's like EXO, now that 3 group members left, Sehun and Xiumin are starting to have more lines. Basically SM's doing.
@KpopGaby I have no problem with them doing that it's just why not do it before. I always tend to question anything sm does.
@daznothephop SM screams "perfection" so I'm guessing they turn down on others thinking that they're no good or something. I don't know.
I liked this song but it wasn't MIND-BLOWING. And yeah seriously, how could you misspell SNSD?!