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Everyone knows the secret to finding a flatter haircut is to consider your face shape. Also, bangs ca In fact, hairstyles can do much more than enhancing your facial features. Here's a few trick that can boost your overall appearance!
Forehead Diminish the appearance of wide forehead with bangs. Go for shorter hairstyle if you have a narrow forehead. Nose Minimize the appearance of a long nose with a haircut that displays plenty of volume on the forehead. For wide nose, avoid blunt cut bangs, instead opt for hairstyles that pull attention away from the center of the face. Miranda Kerr is a perfect example for this. She's never seen with blunt bangs because it illuminates her wide nose, so she usually go for hairstyles that enhances her eyes. Chin Allow more volume around the chin area if you have a pointy chin. Get layers around the chin area if you have a wide chin or an angular jaw. This will soften the feature.
Short hair can make you look taller. This is a great tip for petite ladies. Long hair can make your look shorter because of the overwhelming length. With short hair, the focus is moved up toward the face. It also lifts your neck and make it seem a little longer.
Finally, bangs can make you look younger (comparison picture above).
Great tips!