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Here is this new challenge so here ya go!
1) 5 Unusual random facts about you.
1. I am 50% Polish, 25% German, and 25% Japanese but have an Italian first name.
2. I have a bed but sleep on the couch instead.
3. I always have to sleep with a blanket covering me.
4. I'm a vegetarian but I still kill spiders and bugs.
5. My hair was 6 different colors last year.
2) Most outrageous thing you've done, said, or worn.
Went on a zip line in Austria. I don't have any pictures, sorry.
3) Answer to the random question.
"What is one thing that motivated you growing up into the person you are now?"- @LaurenAntoine
Okay, so this is a little personal so I won't go into too much detail. My mother was an alcoholic and tried to shoot down my dreams of being an artist when I was young. Also, she had always told me I wasn't that good at anything and I wasn't smart so it pushed me to work harder at everything I'm passionate about.
I just graduated my high school as #53 with a GPA of 3.8 (A) and I am going to an art school as a photographer that accepts about 500 undergraduate students per year.
4) Tag 6 random people with a random question for them.
If you were to do anything with your bias, what would it be and why?
I'd let them do whatever as long as I can take pictures of them doing it ^-^
im the same way even if its really hot I have to have a blanket to sleep if not I cant
Btw congrats on GPA and school!! I'm happy to find another artist here! And you are very strong!! I'm happy to know you
Hemmmm... What would I do with my bias... Umm well... Yeah...