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Random Challenge

Ok so I took this random challenge from @DenieceSuit and you know what . . .
Let's play a different challenge: 1. tell 5 unusual random facts about you. Yes you, not the invisible man. please don't repeat what's on your bio.
2. Name the most outrageous thing you have done, said, or worn. pictures are nice.
3. Lastly tag 6 people with a random question for them. My random question is. . . What is the one thing that motivated you to become the person you are today.
So I answered all the questions from the challenge as you can see and now it your turn to answer mines!! MUAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!! To see others answers along with mines from the original challenge click the link below! P.S. You can either answer on this card or make your own card to answer on. Either way you must answer! If you make another card please tag me :D
I forgot to answer your question! What motivated me to be the person I am now is my brother. Because of his medical condition, we often go to hospitals (thank goodness we haven't gone in a while) and I meet children of with different conditions which makes me protective over them. His smiles and laughs give me strength when I'm on a bad mood. More and more, he gives me a reason to become a Physical Therapist due to some operation he had, he doesn't give efforts in making steps (as in walking). I want disabled children to be able to walk and see their parents reaction when they start improving. I don't just want to be their therapist, if not their best friend. :)
My surroundings made me realize what I liked and didn't like seeing in others so I strive to be someone who is proud of themselves and happy with what they do in life. You can't always pick the circumstances but you can choose how to react to them! ^^
Unusual Facts: I love every thing (clothing etc) about the time era of the great depression (except the fact it was the great depression) I absolutely love to do crazy things with my hair I sewed my first stuffed animal but it's not an animal (not sure what it is XD) and named it Sebastian I have a house full of plants (can't get enough of them :3) I adore tattoos!!!!!!! Part 2: The most outrageous (and stupid) thing I have ever done is try to find a short cut down a hiking cliff, fell down it, then went back up to try to climb down the same spot. XD (imma skip this part. Sorry I love you!!!!) My motivation would have to be my mother. She is my world. My every thing. She has put up with all of my bull and never walked out on me. I only care what she thinks of me which makes me want her to be proud of me all the time.
that's amazing @KpopGaby!!!!!
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