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Feeling Sad Today?
I feel like we all have those days when we just can't get out of a slump. We're just feeling so BLAH and nothing seems to be going right. Maybe you're tired of feeling so alone or of being single. Or maybe you haven't had any time to spend with yourself or your friends lately. No matter what it is, sometimes it's hard to shake a bad mood.
I'm here to remind you of some things that might (should!!) make you smile.

Reasons Not To Be Sad


Family & Friends Who Love You

(I promise, they exist).


(or tea!)

Huge blankets that feel like hugs!

That one meme that always makes you laugh

Cute little kids

Sugar cookies

Funny animals

Dogs eating things they love

Cute kids with cute animals


Happy yet?

Good! Now, keep smiling, and pass that smile on to someone else!
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