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♥Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won♥ on Happy Together

Screen caps of Happy Together where they were invited as guests.. I wish they can be a real couple.
wow i love that couple...
Wow!! She definitely is the most gorgeous with or without make up on love her !!
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they are perfect c=D
he has such white skin so cuteee
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bestest korean kisses
finally, i could post this video at last... you don't know how many times i've tried uploading this on youtube and failed.. i've made this vid one whole day... editing, trimming, looking up the story summaries... gave me a big headache but it didn't stop me from finishing this. i've accumulated kiss vids that to me has an awesome kiss and i came up with this one... @neaa...from 19:29 minutes, i've cut it down to 14:42, so it won't exceed the 15 min.. default for uploading on youtube, this is for you...lol here are the details:(d for drama/m for movie) the best of the best korean kisses... 1. goong yoo and yoon eun hae (coffee prince) d 2. joo ji hoon and yoon eun hae (goong) d 3. joo ji hoon and shin min ah (the naked kitchen) m 4. bi rain and shin min ah (a love to kill) d 5. bi rain and im so jung (i'm a cyborg but that's okay) m 6. goong yoo and kim sun ah (she's on duty) m 7. bae yong jun and son hye jin (april snow) m 8. song seung hun and kim tae hee (my princess) d 9. lee min ho and son hye jin (personal taste) d 10. lee min ho and park min young (city hunter) d 11. park si hoo and kim so yeon (prosecutor princess) d 12. park si hoo and kim nam joo (queen of reversal) d 13. jung il woo and lee chung ah (flower boy ramyun shop) d 14. jang geun suk and yoona (love rain) d 15. jang geun suk and moon geun young (mary stayed out all night) d 16. song joong ki and moon chae won (nice guy/innocent man) d 17. song joong ki and lee seong min (five senses of eros) m 18. ji hyun woo and yoo in na (queen in hyun's man) d 19. jung yoo mi and lee jin wook (i need romance 2) d -neaa reminded me of reply 1997's kiss on the stairs.. forgot about that.. that was great too.. -and i've included jang geun suk's kisses here with yoona and moon geun young coz i think that he is such a great kisser, it's just so sad that he wasn't given a leading lady that matches his kissing prowess...^^