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Koh Thmei Beach, Ream National Park

Best beach in Cambodia
The tropical seaside beach town of Sihanoukville is known to have some of the best beaches in Cambodia. Located in the center of a small peninsula that extends into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Sihanoukville boasts several fine white sand beaches.
The main attractions of Sihanoukville are its beaches and islands, and scuba fans will delight in underwater excursions around Sihanoukville’s outlying islands.The beaches of Cambodia don’t measure up to the serene beauty of the beaches in Thailand. Nevertheless, Sihanoukville is a a popular choice for beach lovers and a popular hangout with the backpacking crowd. Being a short drive away from the capital city of Phnom Penh, the best beaches in Cambodia can easily be reached in a few hours by bus or private car. Cambodia travel packages
Ochheuteal Beach
Ochheuteal Beach holds the title for being the most popular beach in Sihanoukville
. Formerly known as UNTAC Beach in the early 90s, Ochheuteal Beach is a long, narrow, sandy stretch of beach with a nice choice of hotels and budget guesthouses, restaurants and bars located either on or near the beach. In the evening, this is the place to be. Several roadside BBQ restaurants offer a nice mix of beats and fresh seafood and meat skewers. South Vietnam tours
Seredipity Beach, Cambodia
A popular hangout with the backpacking crowd, Serendipity Beach is located at the northern end of Ochheuteal Beach and it is well known for its budget beachfront accommodations. Little beach bars, restaurants and BBQ shacks are also strung out along the beach. People come here to socialize and take advantage of the beach parties which run late into the night.
Victory Beach
Victory Beach can be found at the base of Weather Station Hill (Victory Hill) and it is best known for its incredible views of the town and port. There are several budget guesthouses and beach bungalows for rent located on the side of the hill. Sun chairs and umbrellas, seafood shacks, restaurants, bars, and even a nightclub can be found right on the beach. Paloma Cruise
Victory Beach has developed a reputation for its incredible sunsets; the best vantage point being at the top of Sihanoukville Mountain. The western side of the mountain offers stunning views of the town, port, ocean, and several outlying islands.
Best beach in Cambodia
Best beach in Cambodia
Otres Beach
Pretty little Otres Beach may be furthest from the town center, but it is also the least spoiled of all the beaches in Sihanoukville. The sand here is fine and perfect for sun bathing, while the water is clear and perfect for swimming. Best of all, this beach doesn’t draw the crowds that Serendipity and Occheuteal Beach draw. There are plenty of seafood shacks and bars on this beach. Accommodations, though, are come few and far between.
Sokha Beach
Beautiful Sokha Beach is a wide sandy beach covered in fine, silky, sand, stretching over a kilometer in length. This quiet beach is owned by the Sokha Beach Resort, a 5-star beach resort offering luxurious beachfront accommodations. Sokha Beach is open to the general public as well as guests of the resort. A number of pretty beach gazebos and some upscale beach bars and restaurants can be found here, but if it’s cheap seafood that you are looking for, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
Independence Beach
The historic 7-story Independence Boutique Resort and Spa lends its name to this beautiful sandy beach. Locals know it as otel pram-pul chann, and in town, street signs point the way to 7-Chann Beach. The beach is best at low tide. At high tide, it is quite narrow. The beach has been closed temporarily due to new development projects, with only the south and north ends of the beach remaining open. There are a few drinks and snacks vendors at the southern end of the beach. The northern end allows access to Independence Resort, which sits on a rocky point overlooking the ocean.
Bamboo Island
If a deserted island experience is what you’re after, head to Bamboo Island. Basic accommodations are on offer here. If an overnight stay is not in your plans, day tours to outlying islands can be booked at a number of guesthouses in Sihanoukville. Visitors can spend the day snorkelling, swimming, and exploring.
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