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So, this is the first card I have created on here so don't judge! Lol But what better way to start a card and join the Vingle family than on G-Dragon's day and a card about him.
Well, I don't have an actual bias in BIG BANG itself (too much handsomeness & different/good personalities) but G dragon has always caught my eye! That smile that I look for in my ideal guy and that sparkle in his eyes just makes him so handsome.(; He is also a bad ass rapper and song writer. One of my favorite rappers to be honest.

Favorite Solo Song

Crooked has been my all time favorite song from GD! He brings so many feels into this song!! I love listening to it when I'm stressed, mad, or I just feel like I can't take it anymore. Totally recommend it for those hard times in life!

Can we just admire G-Dragon's awesomeness for a moment!!! ^_^ ♡ Thank You! Lol

I have different cards about his birthday which I need to make one right now
Wait was he actually born at 8:1am cause I didnt know thay
yep @AnnahiZaragoza and thank you for checking mine out
I'll go check them out!! Thank you! @amandamuska
Yes, exactly!
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