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Translator: @tapnhan Editor: @tapnhan , @beforetherain , @bunnyshop Proofreader: @soula81 , @supernovah , @YinofYang Quality Checker: @soula81 , @YinofYang If you want to join our team and help us bring more and faster scanlation, let us know via message or comment below :D
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Love the card, it's beautiful and illustrates us so well. (^_^)
5 years ago·Reply
@bunnyshop welcome :D @tapnhan will contact you about it :D
5 years ago·Reply
@bunnyshop: love to have you join us :D
5 years ago·Reply
hey i'm gonna join the team too for gakuen alice project :D i will ask @somnia too since she was doing kamisama ^^
5 years ago·Reply
haha sure i can help out with Kamisama but I think another group is already translating it
5 years ago·Reply