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In case you're just joining this crazy crew, I think we ought to let you know what you're getting yourself into...

It's only fair, right?!

And for the current Vinglers, here's what I think makes us the weirdest Kpop family pretty much anywhere LOL:

Be sure to SHARE this card to show everyone that chaos that is Vingle Kpop (。◕ ∀ ◕。)

We're really awkward and derpy.

Like, really derpy.

We have a lot of virtual group hugs.

Seriously, mid-conversation *HUUUUUUG*

We see a gif and immediately know what people we're going to tag

*cough* #yeolclan *cough*

We know crazy is better than sexy

but sexy never hurt anyone!

We like challenges and games

and our aegyo is ON POINT

We swoop in and make you be our friend

No lurkers here, COME PLAY WITH US

We're the lazy, laid back fan boys and girls

First question: 'will there be kpop?' Second question: 'will there be food?'

Big Bang Vinglers make sure everyone knows everything about BB

I'm not even a VIP and I am SO in the know...

Ditto with the BTS Vinglers telling everyone how puberty is treating Jungkook

FYI, it's going well...

As for haters and negativity?


We share our biases


We actually talk about serious issues

and then go right back to freak out mode

We are cheesy but we really love each other

We're just a really big fun family

and we want more fun people to join us


*pterodactyl screeches* I love you guys
Vingle K-Pop fightinggggg!! <3 (In the Korean way. Don't actually fight, you guys.)
@kpopandkimchi we really are such an awesome family *HUUUUGS* <(^-^)>
I'm really happy I joined vingle. This community is amazing and I'm happy that I've actually made new friends on here who I can fangirl with and not be judged or given glares. There are only a few people I can do that with where I'm at. Even though I haven't been a vingler for long, I already love each and everyone a part of this community. I'm thankful for all the new friends I've made and can't wait to make even more!
I really just wish I could meet people in my area too. I want someone to crude with in my car whoa totally ok with me blasting my kpop favs and sings with me. I'm tired of the solo act haha.
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