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I've been wondering what Jon Stewart's retirement plans were for a while now. Maybe he'll run for president, maybe he'll produce another movie....maybe he'll host a wrestling match??? That definitely wasn't my first guess, but here we are.
Yesterday, Jon announced that he would host SummerSlam this Sunday. What is SummerSlam you ask? It's cool, I had no idea either. According to Wikipedia it's "the biggest event of the summer" but I beg to differ because I've never heard of it.
Essentially it's a four-hour wrestling event with a bunch of celebs like John Cena and eventually some sort of throwdown between someone called The Undertaker and this other guy Brock Lesnar. SPORTS!
Anyways get pumped for SummerSlam with this video!! It's mostly just Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins throwing verbal punches at each other.

SummerSlam is this Sunday, and I'm only watching for the possibility of a Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart throwdown.