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Another funny and amazing prompt from @danidee has forced me to think back and remember what a weirdo kid I was....Thanks a lot.
If you want to check out her card its right here! Then do one yourself!

1. Pulp in Orange Juice actually meant "people".

I have no idea why, ok it was probably because pulp and people both start with "P" (I was always an excellent speller), but if orange juice had Pulp I would freak out and think that humans were trying to drink all the Orange people and kill them!

2. You were only considered an adult when you liked mustard over ketchup on hot dogs.

I blame my Dad for this one. To shut me up when I asked when I would stop being a kid he told me that once I started to actually like mustard, I would be an adult. We now I love mustard and I wanna be a kid again.

3. If I said Bloody Mary 3 times and she tried to come for me, she wouldn't hurt me because I left out reading material I thought she would enjoy aka The Goosebumps.

I don't really have an explanation for this.... But I use to keep a stack of books in the corner of my room by the door (since she would come out of the bathroom mirror and through my door like a respectful demon) and she would see my offering to her clearly labeled with her name and be my friend.

4. My Mom actually knew a Mermaid and her brother (my uncle) had a crush on her mermaid friend.

Again I will blame my parents because my Mom told me this was true in her bedtime stories! Alice the Mermaid would come up through the drain in the bathroom, which is totally believable! But I was never allowed to ask Uncle Michael about it because he was still to heart broken over Alice.

5. When I was scared at night, if I pushed my nose with my finger an invisible force field would come around me like a bubble to keep me safe.

I went through a faze where I could not sleep the full night in my bed and had to sleep with my parents. Obviously my Dad got super fed up with it but instead of yelling he told me this! I did it until like high school.
Well, there you have it. A super cool 90's kid who may or may not have had a lot of friends and believed in the power of reading to fight off demons.
Although I clearly need to blame my parents for my weirdness since all they did was LIE TO ME!
Ahahaha I love the magic bubble :) so cute. You were a crazy child but I love it @LizArnone <3
This is cute
liz do you remember the lie I told you when you stopped eating burgers. lol
@buddyesd its obviously because he is still a kid haha
@LizArnone this was a great card lol I always thought ketchup on hot dogs was weird but my son does it so I guess not :D
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