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So if you don't know Papa YG is suing a certain reporter for defamation of character. (The saying, I can do bad all by myself comes to mind. So who is this reporter to aid in YGE looking bad.) And to add more fire to this, Seungri oppa and another YG employee is suing for defamation of character as well As for the reporter his lawyer has come out with a statement saying "It's not that reporter 'K' has any special [ill] feelings towards YG, but rather that he brings up suspicions in his articles about the prosecution letting the agency off the hook in hopes that a celebrity in the entertainment world will also become a person who is respected on the aspect of his personal life as well. This kind of freedom of the press must be assured".... Blah blah blah, this sounds well spoken and I'm a bit skeptical when something sounds so well we this but who am I to really judge that. Not to be rude to the reporter guy/girl (whoever) but yeah I guess freedom of speech should be "assured" but there should also be enough decency on the reporters part as well to not throw in any extra speculation. An artists/idols character can be defamed if they even seem to look at you the wrong way so why when reporting news should you add anything extra? (Again, I can do bad all by myself) Just throwing of questions.
According to Koreaboo Seungri oppa is suing for libel and asking for 50 million in Korean currency as compensation. While the employee is suing for 30 million.

Seungri claimed in his lawsuit that although the police had ruled his car crash last year as being the cause of speeding, reporter 'K' brought up speculations about drunk driving. Meanwhile, the YG employee is suing about the article 'K' wrote on the employee's court case related to his military draft. Reporter 'K' previously reported on the employee losing his case in court and said that the employee bragged about being a 'high class YG employee' and brought harm to those around him by exposing his personal issues.

So I wonder how this will turn out for everyone. Will the reporter have to pay up or is YGE plus company wrong for making their claims against him.
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@poojas @PassTheSuga what do you guys think of the situation
@JackieMurrayCab I think he is trying to climb up the ladder but I think they went about it the wrong way. of course I can't readily give an alternative and maybe I'm wrong and this was the best way but with all the trouble YG artists get into just for being themselves I think maybe the wording could have lightened the publics opinion but neitzens are extremely viscous either way and would have twisted it to their liking. also I'm not too upset about the speculation of alcohol being involved b/c in the states one would wonder if you are drunk or drag racing if you get into a accident while speeding. I also do not excuse my Panda oppa for his behavior but I'm just really curious how this would turn out for everyone
Well let's kinda turn this around. Let's say you did one thing that was stupid (e.g. speeding) and got into an accident. But a reporter figures this news could earn him/her points to move up the food chain so to speak and embellishes it a little to sensational the whole thing. He didn't say he was drunk, he said there were speculations that there was alcohol involved. If you're in the public eye in Korea this is very damning. To me, I think he is being generous to the reporter only asking for 50 million won. That's only 50,000.00 in U.S. dollars. If the same reporter did all three articles, I find it hard to believe he/she is not harbouring some type of grudge. Either that or he/she is trying to climb the reporting ladder to newscaster by using the popularity of the YG name.