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If you're on Instagram you probably know (and shamefully laugh at) The Fat Jewish account. It's okay, I do too.
He has become so Instagram famous that he signed a modeling contract (???), received his own line of rose wine and most recently signed with Comedy Central to develop a show.

But there's one huge problem here: his jokes are stolen.

The Fat Jewish is simply a re-post account. Sure, he gives credit to the original creator, but there's no originality in what he does. The comedy industry HATES this, as they should. A bunch of funny people working hard to create original comedy get ignored and a re-posting Instagrammer snags a comedy pilot? That just feels wrong.

These famous funny people are fighting back, calling out The Fat Jewish for stealing work, and criticizing Comedy Central for rewarding it.

Turns out, Comedy Central actually listens to those funny people above. Today it was announced that they cancelled plans to create a show with The Fat Jewish.

I don't feel too bad for him, I'm sure he'll make plenty of money of his rose line. Also, here's a pic of him on a plane he chartered to the Hamptons, so he seems to be doing just fine for himself.
lol oh god. This is actually pretty interesting to me. Exciting that Comedy Central actually LISTENED to fans and industry professionals... so rare when that happens, but they're right! this guy should definitely NOT be getting his own show. And also, a lot of what he posts is... not exactly PC. I do laugh at it, but sometimes in an "oh god I feel like a bad person for laughing at this" kind of way.
aidendavidc in that last Instagram post is in full-on #slay mode.
Hahah @LauraFisher I could definitely enjoy watching a poorly written Fat Jewish pilot. :) It'd probably be laughably bad
Oh yeah @allischaaff there's a lot of that on his instagram. I laugh at some too, but most of the time it's pretty stupid re-posts. I'm glad CC listened as well, but I also sort of wish they had let him write a show because (based on his instagram at least) his sense of humor might not be great....a poorly written pilot could be pretty entertaining
Hahah @danidee I didn't even look at the comments (I was too distracted by the chartered plane smh) look at that one's a little mean!