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BIGBANG has decided to take some time off and delay the release of their new album, which was scheduled to take place on September 1, after working relentlessly for four months in a row to release their “MADE” series albums. YG Entertainment (YG) announced on August 18, “We’ve decided that BIGBANG needs some time off to get recharged since they have been working non-stop for four months.” BIGBANG’s agency added, “The members also said that they want to put some more time in making more songs for the new album as it will be a regular album. We decided to use the three weeks in September that were originally set aside for appearing on TV shows in Korea as time for the members to get recharged and to work on making more songs for the new album.” They asked for the fans’ understanding about the delay in releasing of the album. source: ygunited
I'm not upset about it. I get it. And they're totally right. The guys have been working their butts off for like half the year now almost nonstop. I can wait, especially if they're gonna add more music. How do you guys feel?
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I'm tearing up cuz I know they need their rest but I was so liking forward to the album. bigbang oppa fighting! recharge and get better! be healthy and safe! that's all I can really say now
They need a break! I love them and I don't want them to be REALLY stressed out! They need to take care of themselves too!!Real VIPs understand!!!
I dont think any vips are mad since it means that we get to hear more wonderful songs from them
I love that YG takes good care of his members. Like everyone else has said, they deserve a good rest. Can't wait for the full album to be released though! ^_^ FIGHTING!! :)
it will be worth the wait.