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I'm so glad @poojas tagged me in the Monday Madness card this week! Even though it's Tuesday where I am (because I'm late to the party), I'm very excited to share my favorite Cowboy Bebop AMV.

Are you ready?

Here it is! 'Stress' by Youtuber Devoid of Meaning!

(song by Jim's Big Ego).
I love Cowboy Bebop a lot. If you haven't seen it, this AMV is spoiler-free. It's about a few drifters who make money collecting bounties. It's set in the future, but the show's vision of the future is a little desolate. The animation style is very realistic, and the characters are very grounded. They all seem a little bit odd at first, but in just 26 episodes the series revealed that none of these people are what they seem. The hero is a bit of a villain. The boy is a girl. The worldly shallow woman is actually very sensitive and vulnerable.

This video captures the voice of the show.

It's wacky and upbeat and there's an undertone of desperation and loneliness. Despite the regret and tragedy that's hanging over all the characters, Cowboy Bebop is a light-hearted adventure. It's funny and personal, and this AMV reflects that spirit.

God's Gonna Cut You Down by RemyKiddoSky

I'm also sharing this video. It's not my favorite (probably because I didn't love the movie as much as the series), but it's a really high-quality video. The editing is amazing and makes good use of the stunning animation that Cowboy Bebop is known for.

That's my favorite!

I'll tag some people in the comments, but even if I don't tag you feel free to share your favorite Anime Music Video! @poojas requested that we all put {MM} in the title of our cards so we all know it's a response to the challenge.
@shantalcamara you should share your favorite! I watched a lot of them in the early 00s but I haven't seen many recent ones ^_^ @VeronicaArtino it's one of my all time FAVORITE shows. Have you seen the whole thing?
This makes me want to watch Cowboy Bebop! Thanks for doing the challenge! :D And the response cards can be throughout the week, not just Monday (thanks for pointing that out, haha, I added it to to the challenge card) :D
@shantalcamara @EllieDean @buddyesd @ashleykpop @VeronicaArtino @chibifox @ButterflyBlu @nenegrint14 do any of you watch these fan-made videos? I like them a lot!
cowboy bebop is one I watch with my brother
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