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Do something you would never think of doing:

Go on that roller coaster you've always been scared to go on. Hit up that water slide. Set new fitness goals. Work towards that promotion. Bite into the juiciest peach. Take up a pottery class. Have a picnic in the park. Buy a puppy. Hike a mountain. Take a weekend trip with your significant other. Tell someone you love them. Get sand between your toes. Try a new cuisine. Write a cheesy poem. Swim laps in an olympic sized pool. Score the game winning goal. Buy an expensive pair of shoes. Drink a refreshing smoothie on a boat. Go on a morning run. Eat wedges of watermelon. Take a surf lesson. Go strawberry picking. Kayak through a cave. Sleep on a trampoline. Make a scrapbook full of memories. Have a paint fight. Throw someone a surprise party. Jump off a cliff. Travel by yourself. Ride a jetski. Get a tattoo. Hug your soulmate.

Summer comes once a year. Enjoy it before it's over.

I would just add my favorite thing: break the law.
Buy a puppy #summergoals
This might sound weird but I want to start meditating. I told myself my goal for summer was to work up to meditating 15 minutes a day, but so far I'm lucky to hit 15 minutes a WEEK!
@kpopandkimchi meditation works wonders!! it's definitely nice to add a peaceful moment to the day :)
@VinMcCarthy you would haha
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