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Sounds crazy I know. It sounds like everything that goes against what anyone has ever said to you ever, especially your Mom who always says not to worry about what everyone else thinks.
But lets be logical for a second.
Clearly I am not referring to total assholes. You know the ones I'm talking about. The "friends" or "friends of friends" or total strangers who judge you based off your body, your looks, your goofy but fantastic personality, your one drunk night.
Basically you shouldn't give a shit what people who don't matter to you think.

But......... you should care about what the people you love think about you.

Saying "I don't care about what people think" is so rebellious 15 year old angst. You know the faze; we all go through it in some way, shape, or form. Mine took the form of skinny jeans, skate sneakers and a curly headed ginger trying to be "scene". Looking back now I laugh really hard at the pictures.
However, now I am 22 and not giving a shit about what my best friends, family or boyfriend think of me and my actions simply make me immature and a bad friend.
As you get older, it should matter what your loved ones think. Yeah you might have loved the fact that your parents hated your boyfriend with the lip piercing in high school, but now that marriage is on the horizon, what you Dad thinks about the guy matters a lot.
The point is, caring about what people think of you helps you grow as a person. You learn to care more about your appearance during important events like weddings, baby showers, job interview, and work functions so that you can represent yourself much better.
You start to care more about the type of friend you are as well. Gone are the trivial days where a fight has to end because you sit next to each other in class. You want your best friends to know you are reliable, smart, caring and always there for support. If you don't care about what they think, how can you ever grow into the friend they need?
The point isn't to care what what everyone thinks of you. The point is to figure out the people who matter and care about what they think. Because your loved ones are the ones that help you grow into the amazing adult that you will be.

You just have to care to get there first.

@lizarnone mature thinking and a great approach - listen to them, care about what they say and what they think, but always stay true to yourself.
not bad... impressive.. :)