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Thanks again to @MattK95 for organizing another wonderful Soundtrack to Life Playlist Challenge!
Here are the songs I will be jamming to as I head back to my FINAL year of college. Hope they help you out as well! XD

iKON - Sinosijak

What better way to start than in iKON style? This will be the song to start every day. ^_^

CL - Mental Breakdown

I feel like there's an impending mental breakdown thinking about exams and homework but gotta turn all of that into some CL style fierce energy.

2NE1 - I Am The Best

Just an awesome reminder that we are the best just like our queens. Honestly, anyone and everyone can jam out to this and feel epic.

Epik High - Born Hater

This one's for those times when you gotta deal with some silly haters and instead of shooing them off, you just put on your headphones and rock out to Born Hater.

GDTOP - Zutter

To remind ourselves that we are all badass in our own right. Minus the pigs...no piggies needed. Let's leave that part to TOP. LOL.

Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love

For when those annoying little crushes happen and we just want to be like...let's just not...hahaha. Unless it's Big Bang, then totally fall in love with them.

Big Bang - Sober

Need a cheer up song? This song is where it's at. No matter what you're doing, this song will make your day better. And the drunk MV makes it twice as fun.

Winner - Smile Again

For those moments when we are feeling down, a lovely reminded to keep smiling from these amazing Winner men.

D-Lite - Look At Me, Gwisoon

If you take no other song from this card as part of your back to school playlist, take this one. YOU. NEED. IT. ---------- WE. NEED. IT. ---------- THE. WORLD. NEEDS. IT.

GDTaeyang - Good Boy

A reminder to always be good! Just kidding. Not about the being good part. But this song is just another way to jam out during those late night study sessions.

Hope you enjoyed this playlist! :)

sass walks down the hall while jamming to I'm the best BOMRATATA OUTTA MY WAY xD
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS to every single song on this list, like seriously I need a moment to just gather my thoughts after this much awesome ^^
@Xinnim BAHAHAHA @majesticx HOW COULD I NOT USE A DAE SINGLE? HE IS BAEEEE! <3 @kpopandkimchi Yup yup :) @B2STANG88 Ah, I didn't include AKMU :( @LizaNightshade Hope it helps :) @CathC Mhm. Agreed! :D
OH mental breakdown suits schools the best :D OH gwinsoo song ..everytime i hear it i just have to smile there is just no other way ... cheer up song really :D OH the last GIF :D me listening to music a spacing out or doodling/drawing some stuff even in the middle of lesson :D the only thing different is they have the bubble thingy instead of paper :D and cuter expressions :D
Yes I will have to borrow this list for when I go back to school next Monday. I will need it! Thanks for the list! 馃槃 lol
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