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Who says furry friends can't be fashionable? These famous animals demonstrate how a live animal can be the best accessory, given that you can afford to carry and fly them around the world with you from fashion captial to fashion capital. Whether their owners actually dress them up (I'm looking at you, Paris Hilton), or they simply live a fashionable lifestyle, these cute creatures are living it up in style.

Choupette Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld has made his obsession with his own beautiful longhaired white cat clear, letting her star in fashion campaigns and joking on occasion that he would marry the pretty kitty if he could. Either way, Choupette is the reason why cats are now deemed fashionable.

Tinkerbell Hilton

Paris Hilton's late and great Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, embodied the tiny dogs-as-accessories trend. She is the emblem for the early 2000's purse dog craze, and lived a more lavish life than any of us could imagine for even ourselves.

Olivia Benson (Swift)

Taylor Swift has made her obsession with cats and her own kittens so well known, they're the stars of her own Instagram. While Taylor rules the pop world right now, her cat Olivia Benson is merely along for the jetsetting ride, and we can't help but be a bit envious.

Frankie Kerr

If you're wondering how fashionable a life Miranda Kerr's yorkie has, she occasionally shares the tiny pup with her longtime makeup artist. Between photoshoots and model-off-duty life, Frankie lives the good life as a dog more often carried by hand or handbag than walked on a leash.

Neville Jacobs

Marc Jacobs' bull terrier is so stylish, he has his own Instagram. Whether on the streets with his owner, or starring in his own photoshoots, Neville is the best promoter of Marc Jacobs, inadvertent or not. Marc has been known to dress himself and his dog in matching white button-ups and other matching digs, all for the sake of a great photo.
@Animaniafreak Chow Chows are so cute! I love how fluffy they are
I’m such a fan of kitties, I would take mine everywhere too :) @Gavriella
I agree, @nicolejb! Taylor's cats are so over-pampered but so adorable!
Neville Jacobs is perfection. I also really appreciate T-Swifts kitty. Those eyes are the cutest!
I need to follow Neville's IG! Of COURSE Marc has a bull terrier. I love bull terriers too! They're so unique.
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