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@DenieceSuit started another challenge! So here goes!
Five unusual facts about me: 1. Baseball caps make Me look like a boy
2. I work at my state Renaissance Festival
3. I am the oldest of 6 (my youngest sibling is 2.5. And 3 of them are adopted)
4. I love makeup but am usually too lazy to put it on.
5. I wont listen to any music that I couldn't play in front of my grandparents or my pastor at church.
The most outrageous thing I have ever done... Me and a good friend of mine once convinced a guy online that we were patients in a mental institution and the we drugged the nurse and stole her computer and that is how we were talking to him. (This went on for days and we still bring it up to eachother and play along to this day)
My random question: what is your kpop security blanket? (The song you go to or video you watch when everything is going wrong because you know it will cheer you up) Mine is INFINITE's Last Romeo practice video. @B1A4BAP5ever @heidichiesa @VeronicaArtino @poojas @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi
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My kpop SB song would be... umm SHINee XD I have a playlist I start, buuuuuttt if I pick Id say Hello or Why so serious?! ^^