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What does the Philadelphia Police Department and Saved By The Bell have in common? Nothing, until today. Apparently the PPD wasn’t feeling the lack of synergy and opted to use the of Saved by the Bell in their PSA against the usage of drugs.
Why lord... Why??
The PPD searched endless hours to find the perfect Saved By The Bell clip for their commercial. The vintage clip features the cast sharing their thoughts against drugs.
The Police Department kept the majority of the video intact but added one glaring new feature to “spruce” it up: the Head of Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

Who brainstormed this idea and how did it pass through the board with clearance?

This is the most awkward PSA I have seen in awhile.

For starters, if you are trying to connect with today's youth, why are you using "Saved By The Bell?" That show has been off the air for 15 years now.
Also, if you are going to use SBTB, could you at least do a better job with transitions? The head of Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is all over the place.

I know the budget is tight in the advertising realm for the PPD, but sheesh. We gotta do better than this Philly.

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Hahahaha, at least they have a sense of humor...?