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When I was a kid, I definitely believed a lot of outlandish things. I don't know where I came up with some of these ideas -- but I did.

1) Monster Shadows

I believed that my shadow was going to eat me alive. My mother used to break down laughing at me because I'd try to run away from my shadow. Thanks mom.

2) Don't Swallow A Watermelon Seed

I used to believe that if I accidently swallowed a seed, a plant would grow in my tummy. Of course I didn't realize that the acid in my stomach would kill everything. I was very careful eating fruits.

3) Pregnant By Hand Holding

I believed that even the thought of holding a boys hand will get me knocked up. Maybe that's why I didn't get my first kiss until way later. My parents didn't even teach me this. So god only knows where I got this. Maybe it was through the terrifying sex-ed classes.

4) Twin Powers

People used to ask if my twin sister and I had any twin powers. So we would sit in our bedrooms and try to talk to telepathically to each other. That was a fail.

5) Cheap Tooth Fairy

When all my friends were getting five bucks, I only got a buck. I sincerely believed the tooth fairy hated me.
Thanks, @Danidee for tagging me in your card. This was a great idea! ^_^
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yeah it doesn't exist lol i tried @amanjain
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee my toothfairy/mom was cheap lol.
2 years ago·Reply
I too tried it with my brother
2 years ago·Reply
lol... your were a funny child :D @Amanjain @alywoah it's cool that you're twins. I always imagined that I had a twin that I didn't know about. I adore twins and hope I have one when we're ready for children
2 years ago·Reply
my mom told me I would get pregnant if I swallowed, her friend got pregnant and I believed until I swallowed one
2 years ago·Reply