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Featuring my favorite weird gifs!

@amazingangelini tagged me in this challenge, so here is my response! My answers don't feel like they're related to any communities, so I'm not going to publish this card anywhere.
1) 5 Unusual random facts about you.
1. I went to a college with no majors. It was great.
2. I really hate summer. I know I'm weird like that.
3. My dad, grandpa, and I all have the same eyes.
4. My favorite food is lobster. Or cheese.
5. I'm very introverted! I love people but I need a lot of time to refresh after I'm out all day.
2) Most outrageous thing you've done, said, or worn.
The most outrageous thing I've ever done is probably not Vingle-appropriate. So the most outrageous thing I've ever worn is a full-body gold statue costume from the time I busked as a human statue.
3) Answer to the random question.
" If you were to do anything with your bias, what would it be and why?"- @amazingangelini
I'm not really sure! Probably whatever I'm doing right now. Which is avoiding work...
4) Tag 6 random people with a random question for them.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I want to be able to teleport! That's all I've ever wanted. Sigh.
Thank you again @amazingangelini for tagging me in this challenge!
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