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The agency wrote: "Hello. This is Big Hit Entertianment. "Today, during BTS's 'Japan Official FanMeeting Under Cover Mission' in Osaka, Japan, an incident occurred in which member Jimin fell off the stage. "He was moved to Sumitomo Hospital nearby, where the medical staff's detailed diagnosis stated that during the game, he suddenly held his breath for a long time, so that the parasympathetic nerve spiked, causing his balance to collapse and his blood pressure to temporarily go down, so he lost consciousness and fell off the stage. "As for injuries, it was judged that there were no problems with his health apart from light bruises, and Jimin is currently resting at the hotel. We relay our sincere apologies for worrying all the viewers who were spectating the performance as well as the fans. "Big Hit Entertainment promise from hereon to pay special attention to Jimin and BTS's health and safety. "Once again, we're sorry for making you worry." Luckily he seems okay, feel better Jimin!!!!!! Fighting!!!!
at least they are letting him rest and taking care over his health!
please rest well jiminie :(
Jimin!!! the poor boy.
I'm wondering why he held his breath though
Jimin couldnt even handel his own hotness. Stay safe chhimchim
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