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Most people get bit by the travel bug at some point in their life. What sucks is that being a world traveler can cost a lot of money. Then you have to take time off of work, which costs you money, fly everywhere which costs you time, and deal with currency exchange which can cost you a ton!
But just because you can't fly off to an unknown continent doesn't mean you can't travel!
Using I have chosen for you the most amazing places to visit state side.
Now start planning your trip already, you aren't getting any younger!

The Grand Canyon

Every single person who has ever been to the Grand Canyon always says that their pictures can't even capture its beauty, which is crazy because look how beautiful that picture is!
My friend just went there and said that little river flowing through the canyon is actually bigger then a football field....if that gives you any idea how HUGE it actually is.

Lake Tahoe

In beautiful, warm Cali Tahoe could be another world. The waters are clear, bright blue and anything we all ever crave out of a tropical retreat....except you can still drink the water!

Yellow Stone National Park

A park full of natural wonder, you can spend weeks just exploring the wildlife. This park is full of beautiful flowers, hot springs and wild animals to make you feel like you have just stepped into a forest untouched by humans (yet still feel safe). Also the park contains the largest active geyser in the world that erupts all the time!

Redwood Forest

Cali isn't just all beaches and sun bathing. The Redwood forest is one of the most magical places on earth and it will defiantly make you feel small. Just look at the difference between the full gown man and the redwood trees. Now picture that surrounding you.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Breath taking in both the winter and the summer, Jackson Holes Teton Mountain Range makes me want to move there right now! Amazing for skiing and hiking the little town lights up like Time Square in the night.

Big Sur, California

Driving along the coast of this mountain range gives you all the best views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean! There are places to camp, dine, hike or just stop your car and enjoy the view and the salty breeze on your face.

Time Square NYC

From someone who lives here, I almost forgot to add in Time Square, however it most defiantly is a sight worth seeing in your life. Especially at night when everything is lit up. Expect to always have your eyes facing towards the sky as the lights and sky scrapers attack your eyes in the best possible way! Then go check out some more of NYC, like central park and governors island.

Antelope Canyon Arizona

Pretty sure this picture speaks for itself. Walking though these canyons must be jaw dropping, with waterfalls and bright colors and Dr. Seuss like rocks its no surprise people put this on their bucket list! Couples have even gotten their wedding pictures taken in the canyon!

The Beartooth Highway in Montana

Get in touch with nature walking around these mountains! Full of wild flowers, butterflies and other amazing wildlife it is hard not to get butterflies while looking at this picture! I can't imagine what it would be like in person!

Girdwood, Alaska

I had to put Alaska on this list because to many people think of this jaw dropping state as unlivable. With perfect snow covered trees and a silence that can actually be heard (weird right?), winter here is almost worth the cold. And in the summer the lakes and rivers are perfect for fishing and swimming and the mostly untouched land really makes you feel like humans haven't ruined everything yet.
BIG SUR Oh my God it's a dream of mine to go there. I was born in CA and love it out there. The desert is magical. Thank you for this list! I've been to The Grand Canyon, Times Square and the Canyons in AZ. I love this country lol. Thank you for this list! @LizArnone
@Animaniafreak my friend went to yellow stone before and said it was one of the most amazing trips he's ever been on.
Antelope Canyon Arizona looks like central Australia - dry, red, sandy and prehistoric. I've always wanted to visit the yellow stone park, such a lovely place.
@LizArnone I'll try to
@LizArnone I actually went to Montauk only once and I was 7 (11 years ago) so I don't remember it haha.
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