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As a naive little kiddo, I was particularly drawn to weird and interesting things. I liked to believe in magical things, but also things that got me into trouble. (PS, the picture above is not me, but it might as well have been)
If you want to see the original card and challenge check it out here, and then do one yourself :) Shoutout to @danidee for promoting this awesome challenge.

1. Mom actually had eyes in the back of her head

I think most kids thought this, but I was pretty much convinced. My mom was the master of catching me right in the act of doing something bad or sneaky and I was truly convinced she had special powers. One of those were eyes in the back of her head, that magically camouflaged to her hair.

2. Drinking too much water would make you drunk

One time I was drinking a lot of water at a family event, and my older cousin came up and said, “Be careful! You know what happens when you drink too much.” Confused, I asked him what happens and his response: “You know, you get drunk and stumble everywhere!”
Terrified, I watched my water in-take for the rest of the week until my mom noticed and comforted me that I wouldn’t in-fact get drunk from water...only adult beverages that I was to stay away from.

3. Beanie Babies had an Outside Life

I had a slight obsession with my Beanie Babies as a kid, and collecting them was one of my favorite things. I also had an active imagination, so each of them had their own personalities and interests. They would take on these personalities even after I stopped playing with them, and would go on great adventures at night (I thank Toy Story for this). I made sure to collect the cat ones because I thought they would get along better then the rest of the beanie babies.

4. Twister could kill you.

This is a perfect case to show how advertising can manipulate and sometimes terrorize children. I didn’t have a Twister before kindergarten, and I saw a TV advertisement that went “Twister! The Hot Spot!” then little lightning blot appeared from the dot on the board. I clearly thought that meant that Twister could shock you to death. I refused to play the game until my mom explained it wouldn’t hurt me.

5. The tooth fairy used your teeth to build rainbows

I was a pretty smart kid, but I REALLY believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. I was so convinced of their existence that I would often defend them against the older kids at school. One time an older kid asked me, “oh yeah well then what does the tooth fairy do with your teeth?!” Upset that I didn’t know the answer, I wrote to the tooth fairy one night before I placed my tooth under my pillow. In the morning I got a letter explaining that the tooth fairy uses it to build magical things, like rainbows and sunsets. This is obviously bogus. What she actually does with them is a mystery!
So that’s my weird kid list of things that I believed in. As a naive and easily-manipulated middle child it was a pretty easy for me to think up five things.
No here’s to me being an adult and not falling for “Hey you spilled something on your shirt! Or, hey your shoes untied!” prank.
They can be passive aggressive like that @buddyesd
TOLD YA @buddyesd
oh she saw, trust me on that. moms see everything @bussyesd
@nicolejb this is great :) I proved my mom didn't have back eyes when I would stick my tongue at her when she wasn't looking lol
i am cryingggg!!! the water getting you drunk and rainbows made out of teeth is HILARIOUS !
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