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Thanks for the tag @danidee. See her absolutely hilarious card [here].

Please don't judge me, I was a rather odd child.

Growing up I was gullible. I'll be the person and admit that I am still semi gullible to this day. I thought the oddest things [let's just say my imagination was vast]. I was your typical six year old who thought Bananas In Pajamas were real and Gullah Gullah Island was a real place. If you think that's terrible, that's not even the half.
Like I said was imagination was rather quirky to say the least. Let's embrace the 90s nostalgia for a bit and take a trip down memory lane.

Little Seed Babies.

Like any other minor, I thought if you swallowed any kind of seed [watermelon, apple, orange] a tree would grow inside of your stomach.

Television Transporting.

I used to think that you were able to walk inside the tv screen and be on whatever show you were watching [similar to the movie Pleasantville]. I even tried it a time or two -- to no avail.

The Dolls Come Out At Night.

Let's just say, I watched Toy Story way too many times. I started to believe that at night time my dolls would come alive and walk around the house.

Kissing Gets Your Pregnant.

I thought women got pregnant from kissing. I wasn't aware that it was the kissing that led up to the pregnancy, but not the kissing itself. Oh, how gullible I was.

The Bird Lady.

I thought the bird lady from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York was a real person. Every time I would come up to the city I would keep an eye out for her.

Man, I miss those days.

When life was carefree and I was clueless.
i guess if i was really drunk lol @jordanhamilton
Television transporting would definitely would have loved to happen for me. I've always wished to live in a cartoon. Maybe one day that'll be possible... maybe?
OMG THE BIRD LADY. Hahahaha, it's kind of strange to think that the Bird Lady is a completely different person in real life actually..
@jordanhamilton you're right :)
embrace your age!!! @buddyesd
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