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So school is about to start in a few days :/ that was fast.....wow....this hit me when i found @StephyBAP card >>(https://www.vingle.net/posts/1003393-Summer-s-nearly-over )
im kind excited scared and sad at the same time...im really really nervous ...since im switching schools
i keep imagining the worst and while everyone sees im calm from the outside im actually really not.....every time someone mentions it i feel like crying
i really gonna miss my old school and all my friends *get teary*
*Starts crying* its not gonna be the same no more scaring @StephyBAP with my fangirlness or forcing her to see BTS video or beating her in Mario or get those speeches about needing to get my grades up.....who am i gonna steal food from or kill for food now or make more adventurers on our flying shark? and no more lunch concerts with @StarBabes or weird yet awesome BTS/B1A4/BLOCK B/VIXX scenarios or fangirling over kpop stuff and showing each other new songs we found or little arguments that end with "im getting divorce papers" and saying sorry so there wont be divorce papers.....who am i gonna kill with Zico scenarios now or who is gonna murder me with Taehyung scenarios?....
but i have to be strong and know that my family and i wont be struggling with who i have to go with after school....i have to look at the bright side of this new experience.....lucky at the new school im not completely lonely *burst in to song* lonely lonely lonely,,,sorry but yeah i have one friend there and she can help me out :)
anyways i hope in the new school everything goes nice and you know no one is mean or anything :( and i know my friends and i will stay in touch and try to be friends forever..........i might get kidnapped by them to go back to my old school
so yeah im sorta excited but at the same time really really scared.......i don't know
so i looking forward to it....i hope i don't fall during the processes....i might be 'bulletproof' and 'unbreakable' but this a huge step for me and i have so many mix emotions...so i fell i might fall
so for now im just gonna talk to my friends as much as possible and enjoy every minute i have with them
if you guys have some advice for me i would really appreciated (i need some of your virtual hugs) cause im really really nervous (i was like that gif while i was making this card) love you guys bye bye <3 ~FIGHTING~
Well, starting a new school can be scary but it's a really great experience. But I guess people are different. I'm going to give you an insight on my experience. I went to a tiny high school with about 130 people in my class, I went to school with them since 4th grade. They all hated me and I only had one friend, I forced my mom to move me to another high school that was huge enough to have to wear an ID necklace. The first day I made SO many friends! I am very shy in real life so I don't talk but I stayed true to myself and I had people take me by the hand and make me hang out with them. My advice really would be be yourself and don't be afraid to mingle a little especially when the teacher asks you to. Dont pretend to be something your not and show modesty. Join clubs, sports, be active at the school. And I'm with you on being nervous, I'm starting college this year and I moved 2 hours away from where I used to live. My biggest concern is that everyone will hate me again...
@jaywoveu thank you so much haha fighting @LaurenAntoine thank you :D @BangtansArmy thank you so much :)
Oh god *huuuugs* I'm so sorry! I never had to change schools (other than obviously elementary to middle to high) but i cant imagine it being easy :( Luckily you and your friends seem super tight (and super cool) so I'm sure you guys will stay really close even if you arent around each other every day. But this is also a really cool new start and a new pool of people where there have GOT to be a few cool kids, right?! hahahah not as cool as us but you know, they can try ;) Good luck!!! you've got this!!!
@B1A4BTS5ever I know how you feel, my family have moved around from place to place all my life, and yeah it really hurts leaving people behind, but if a person is a true friend, it doesn't matter how long you're apart that bond of friendship will always stay strong. My best friend who is honestly more like a brother, I haven't seen him for two years, but we are still just as close now as we were when we would hang out every weekend. Also with the starting at a new school it is totally okay to be nervous, being nervous in a situation like this is normal, just don't let your nerves stop you from being who you are, because as long as you stay true to yourself, you'll always make the right friends :) I mean as @kpopandkimchi said they won't come close to comparing to us, but that's no reason to not make friends with them ^^ yes this is a big step, but I know you are going to be absolutely fine, because you are amazing \(^-^)/ so wrap your arms around yourself and pretend it's us giving you the biggest hug, because no matter what we will all be here for you <(^-^)>
aww awww I'm sorry. I can sort of relate because I've been the new student at schools where the other students have been together for years. my current high school is like that and I had a really really hard time but I talked to my middle school friends almost everyday and that really helped and in the end you'll have a new friends too. you might not remember how you met them or why you started talking but they'll be there with you along with your friends from your previous school. Have fun and try to be yourself a as much as you can!! it's going to be hard but fun too 😊😊 good luck!!!
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