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Last month the makeup gods heard the cries of Selena fans across the globe and announced an exclusive M.A.C. Selena Collection celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her death.
Now, the same might be happening for Aaliyah fans as a petition has been created for M.A.C. to honor the R&B princess with her own limited edition makeup line.
While we don’t have any details on exactly what the line will entail, I’m sure this will be done in good taste. The petition states that her brother, Rashad Haughton approved of a limited edition collection by M.A.C. for her since she loved their products.

The petition was aiming for signatures from 2,500 fans in support of the line. At the moment, the petition has pulled over 4k.

Fans want M.A.C. to be "the first brand to re-introduce Aaliyah's legacy to the world in a format that it has never been given before."
I love how diehard Aaliyah’s fanbase is. I hope this all falls into place as the line has already received the blessing of her family.
awesome. I would definitely buy both the selena and Aaliya make-up pallets. however, I don't think they should be limited.
this is awesome