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I grew up with a lot of different foods, primarily from the caribbean. So this would include Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican food. I am also familiar with Nicaraguan and Colombian food.
Even though it's hard for me to choose one dish...

I'd definitely say that I love eating chicharrón. What can I say? I like really bad foods. I also love Pastelón!

What is your favorite dish from Latin America?

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My favorite is Ropa Veja! I could eat it everyday. I'm just learning how to make it and can't wait til I master it! My boyfriend's Cuban abuela is teaching me. her ropa veja is perfection and always a hit!
pastels for sure!!!! my all time fav dish. please hurry up christmas!!!
@MeganStright ropa veija is definitely one of my top foods. so perfect with white rice.
@DeadlyCyanide YESSS!!!!!!! I wish i knew how to make pasteles. Thankfully when I visit my abuela, she always sends me away with a bag of the stuff!
omgosh yes!!! chicharrón with fried yuca(casava)...