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I grew up with a lot of different foods, primarily from the caribbean. So this would include Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican food. I am also familiar with Nicaraguan and Colombian food.
Even though it's hard for me to choose one dish...

I'd definitely say that I love eating chicharrón. What can I say? I like really bad foods. I also love Pastelón!

What is your favorite dish from Latin America?

@christianmordi ugh yesss. I like both salty and sweet fried plantains :) and arepas!! Those are my fave for sure. I've never tried chicharrón – is it like ribs? That's what it kind of looks like in the picture
Is plantains a dish from Latin America? If so that's one of my favs for sure!
@karencorchado that sounds delicious :)
My favorite Latin food would have to be, from "La Isle Bonita" pernil (pork shoulders) arroz con gandules (yellow rice and pigeon peas) and MY MOTHERS potato salad. She makes the worlds greatest potato salad and I'm not just saying that because it's my mom. It's just so true, lol. Anyone who eats it falls in love.
I do and it's a long process too but it's worth it.
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