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In response to @danidee's adorable challenge! Before you read mine, you should check out her card, which is hilarious and illustrated with INCREDIBLE hand-drawn doodles. Seriously, she is quite the artist!
Mine won't have doodles, sadly, but I'll still try to amuse you all with 5 things I thought were very, very true as a little girl :)
And with this actual real baby photo of me above, alongside a picture of a weird dog that I resemble. So weird.

I had secret powers.

After I watched Matilda for the first time, I became convinced that, if I just tried hard enough, I would unlock my ability to control objects with my mind. I told my best friend Erica about my secret powers, and bless her heart, she believed me – even though I always told her I would "show her later." I don't really understand how my friends put up with young Alli.

I was going to be the first female president of the United States.

Move over, Hillary! When I was a kid, I was convinced that I was going to be the first woman president of the United States. I mean, it was just so obvious. I guess that says good things about my parents encouraging me to achieve my dreams? It's laughable now, because who on earth wants to go into politics these days, am I right?

My little sister was going to be way prettier, cooler, and more popular than me when she grew up.

When we were young, I had this gigantic fear of my little sister Samantha growing up and surpassing me in every way. She was always the sporty one, so I just knew she was going to grow up, don a high ponytail and sports bra, and play soccer and field hockey with all the popular girls. And I would forever be the nerdy, weird one that nobody wanted to date. Sadly, all of this came true. Just kidding! (...or am I?)

I was smarter than my mom.

This one got me a lottt of trouble. Even when I was like three years old, I was convinced I knew better than my own mother when it came to just about everything. I distinctly remember getting a mouthful of that orange Dial soap one time for talking back (I was a notorious back-talker, and I think one day she just got sick of it lol). Sassy little Alli soon learned to keep her opinions to herself. Nowadays I just rock my feelings of smug superiority in silence. ^_^

A sea monster lived in the deep end of every pool.

Oh god. This was so real. It didn't matter how crystal-clear the water was, or how easy it was to see down to the bottom of the pool... every time I swam in deep water, I was sure that some slimy tentacle was going to shoot up from the depths, grab my ankle, and drag me down to my watery grave. I have no idea where I got this idea, honestly. But it lasted until I was probably like 15. To this day, I sometimes worry that a shark will appear out of nowhere and bite my legs off. Yes, in a swimming pool.
So those are the 5 silly things I believed as a child! I hope you all enjoyed ^.^
Thanks to @danidee for the tag!
omg yes about the Matilda part. i wanted to be her so badly!
@allischaaff omg I tasted the soap too!!! right after I said the first curse word in front of my mom lol (note, in Front of my mom) hehehe
I totally resonant with wanting to be the first female president. But hey, it could still happen to either of us @allischaaff
love the "parents call it talking back" quote, haha def hilarious! and I agree with @poojas super adores
I did the challenge already :) but can I say...YOUR BABY PHOTO IS ADORABLE!!! XD
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