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I was tagged by @TessStevens and although it's not technically morning anymore, it sure does feel like it is. Here goes nothing.
mind is racing
heart is pacing
fingers typing
tinder swiping
sun is shining
office is cold
stomach is growling
hungry is and understatement
my mind is blank
headache on 100
air on 50
12PM, looking forward to 5
I need a nap, I'm hardly alive
woke up by rain
got little sleep
my bed is calling my name, but I can hardly speak
about to leave for lunch
savor some food
positive mindset
four hours left
pinch me am I dreaming?
nope, this is surreal
I'm at work still
what's the deal?
"Tinder Swiping" how very 21st century of you! I love this, fantastic writing voice. Thank you for participating @jordanhamilton
why thank you!!! and yes, I figured it fit the bill [tinder swiping] haha, but sorry it took so long to do @TessStevens