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I would SO do this if I ever overheard someone mention anime, hahaha XD Comic Credit: Jaclynn Danielle
I do that all the time. my nickname is ninja...lol I literally went to a store with my coworker who does like anime like me but she was wearing an attack on titan tee and I was wearing Harry potter. so we where in JcPenny checking out and the girl is like you like anime and I was like we love it...coworker goes and points to me she is obsessed with anime. i started naming anime and that girls eyes lit up. gave her my name told her to add me on Facebook and we could chat anime.
same, i always hear someone mention anime. me swoosh beside them like a ninja, hello there wanna be friends.
@resavalencia I was about to say the same thing!
do you have to ask? ahah @poojas
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