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I knew they were promoting 3 songs but I didn't expect this to come out TODAY?!
It's totally different from Lion Heart and the chorus is EPIC.

So the girls start off super bad ass in leather and chains in some abandoned warehouse.

But then we're reminded that they're always, always going to be princesses.

Albeit, scary princesses.

Scary princesses that go clubbing at night with harnesses and athletic wear.

Anyway, the video doesn't make sense but this is SM we're talking about.

Watch it BELOOOOOW~~~

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No but that harness/athletic shirt thing that Sooyoung was wearing literally killed me and then gave me so much life that I was resurrected.
it's just like their 2 videos "Oh!" and "Run Devil Run"...I just post about it @kpopandkimchi,
it was my first multi-video post... I hope I did it right
sweet! I like it! the girls are usually nice and sweet but can be bad when they want to be.
ahhh! thank you @kpopandkimchi for posting this. every time I tried to watch this when it came out I couldn't get it to play