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Not really, but I love this pick. Thank you @shannonl5 for tagging for this new challenge 馃槉
Five unusual facts about me: 1) I love scaring my friends, and family when I'm bored. 2) People always think I'm younger then my actual age because of my height, 5'1. 3) During my freshman year of high school I lived in Uzbekistan (So I picked up some Russian). 4) My eyes change color coordinating with my outfits, and the weather. 5) When I'm at home I always wear soccer shorts, and a t-shirt. I also change into this when I get home, because I know I'm not going any where.
Name the most outrageous thing you have done, said, or worn? This one was a hard one, because I couldn't think of one. So I decided to say the most embarrassing thing that I've done. So my mom, 2 siblings, and I were visiting my great grandparents. I decided to take the bike my great grandfather had for my cousins in the garage. He told me to wait a moment while he was fixing it (I should have never took the bike). After he fixed it I rode around the neighborhood, until I finally reached the steepest hill in the neighborhood (I always raced down when i was younger). Well when going down it this time I was going too fast. I pressed the brake, but it decided to not work. That is when I crashed into a mail box, flipped the bike over, and landed in a some bushes in front of three boys (keep in mind). I was so embarrassed I ran to my grandparents house which was just around the corner, leaving the bike behind. Little did I know until my mom told me when I reached the house. My pants split open, not like a little slice. But like in half basically the only keeping it together was the waist part. Then the boys came to the house returning my bike, asking if I was okay. My great aunt was laughing, while my great grandmother thought she could sew my pants. Talk about embarrassing 馃槱
Answer the random question- If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? @shannonl5 If I could have any superpower it would be to teleport. Mainly because I would be able to see my international friends, travel, and never be late to school (no bus fee too 馃槃).
Tag 6 random people with a random question @aliciasalinas @B2utyrisa @yehet27 @katiems @warjeensuleiman @biancadanica98 What fictional character would you love to bring to the real world? Would you rather bring you favorite fictional character to the real world, or live in their world? Which character, from what kind of world? It's a hard question, I would probably love to live with the characters of Fairy Tail. I would be awesome if I was a Mage too 馃槃
When I do this challenge do I have to just answer the questions you give me?
I have a friend who grew up in Russia since her parents are missionaries there, and I was always so in awe when she spoke it! It seems so difficult! So that's awesome that you know some.
lol your facts for 1,2,4,&5 are the same as me~
@biancadanica98 I think you can do that and then if you want you can tag other people you want to challenge. Like a chian letter, but on Vingle! ^_^
Yeah I can read, and write it. I understand the alphabet I just need to learn more words. And that's awesome @baileykayleen
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