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1. Tell 5 random facts about you that's not listed in your bio. -I've been working at my parents restaurant since 2008 (I was probably like 10) -I've never had a boyfriend -I burnt my leg with ramen noodles so I have a huge scar on my thigh -I live in Texas but I visit Thailand every other year -My main goal is to touch Park Jimins butt (totally kidding...or am I?)
2. The most outrageous thing you've ever done, worn, or said? Well In 7th grade I told this girl I was dating Yang Yoseob from Beast. But she didn't know what Kpop was so she had no clue he was a celebrity. I showed her pictures of his selcas and the whole situation just seemed legit. I was planning to tell her the truth but she ended up moving and till this day my whole life has been a lie.
3. Tag 6 people and ask them a random question. What made you get into Kpop? @ninachan @B1A4BTS5ever @b2utyrisa @celesteyc @AimeeH @adorkabledolly
@BangtansArmy we actually are going back. But it will be a while because I have to finish school here馃槴馃槴
@BangtansArmy actually I'm also from Thai just that I don't speak the language 馃槄馃槄
@BangtansArmy no only my mom is Thai. my dad is american. She moved to America with her 1st husband not knowing a lick of English. Had 2 kids with him in 4 years. devorced him a few years later to have me an merry my dad. So there wasn't anyone to talk Thai to and when I started school they told her it wasn't a good idea to teach me 2 languages. Plus she said she's a very bad teacher.
I don't really speak it either. my mother decided when I was young that she wasn't a good teacher, an I shouldn't be confused learning a second language when she was the only one I would talk to in it.
A bit but I'm not 'Thai' its just that I'm from a different province
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