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1. Tell 5 random facts about you that's not listed in your bio. -I've been working at my parents restaurant since 2008 (I was probably like 10) -I've never had a boyfriend -I burnt my leg with ramen noodles so I have a huge scar on my thigh -I live in Texas but I visit Thailand every other year -My main goal is to touch Park Jimins butt (totally kidding...or am I?)
2. The most outrageous thing you've ever done, worn, or said? Well In 7th grade I told this girl I was dating Yang Yoseob from Beast. But she didn't know what Kpop was so she had no clue he was a celebrity. I showed her pictures of his selcas and the whole situation just seemed legit. I was planning to tell her the truth but she ended up moving and till this day my whole life has been a lie.
3. Tag 6 people and ask them a random question. What made you get into Kpop? @ninachan @B1A4BTS5ever @b2utyrisa @celesteyc @AimeeH @adorkabledolly
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Oh yes that's right! You said that馃槄 so have you ever been there before with your fam? ^~^ @ParkMeiFan
Yeah. We moved to the USA when I was 7 so I might gave forgotten some places. XD
Ohh ok that's actually nice because almost everyone in Thailand wants to come to the United States but they cant馃槗 but you should really go again when you get the chance馃槉 @ParkMeiFan
@BangtansArmy we actually are going back. But it will be a while because I have to finish school here馃槴馃槴
Ooo I'm excited for you馃槏 we go visit every other summer when I'm out of school. I wish I could stay there longer but then I come back to reality馃槱 @ParkMeiFan