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I was having a rough time with a family member passing away (my grandfather). He was very important to me. I knew I was depressed and I was looking for something anything to get me out of my funk. At first it was comedy anime on YouTube and then my daughter found Super Junior's music video Spy. I watched it thought the song was catchy and I was impressed by the dancing. I mean yeah we have that to a point in American music but I found myself just mesmerized by them. After that I was hooked I found another song Rokkugo which has become a family song because my two youngest children love the song and dance and sing to it. It's an every day ritual for Rokkugo. First it was Super Junior and then Shinee I have found I can't find any Kpop boy group or girl group that I just can't get enough of their music and talents. And now I'm into Jpop and Jrock it's never ending I am a major fan girl. But this hobbie of mine no matter how sad I feel I hop onto YouTube find my favorite videos and instantly feel much better. I'm grateful for all the hard work these individuals put forth to make people feel good by their art. So when asked why I like Kpop, Jpop, and Jrock, it's simple it makes me happy. Same applies to their dramas too. Their comedy is great and I love to laugh can anyone else relate?