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How cute is this DIY buffalo plaid stamp set! Think of all the cute bags, cards and paper goods you can create with this! What's even better, you can make just about anything you want with this. Just be as creative as you want to be. Have fun with it!

Supplies Needed:

wooden block (in size of your choice) or acrylic stamp block
stamp carving kit
static cling mounting foam (for acrylic stamp blocks only) or foam tape (if using wooden blocks)
craft blade
cutting mat
steel ruler

Step One:

Use the diagonal lines on your cutting mat as a guide to cut diagonal grooves in the rubber from your stamp making kit. The kit comes with two tips for the cutting tool— it's up to your preference to find which one you like best.
To keep the width of the groove even, keep the pressure uniform across the length of your cut. Try to keep the grooves the same width as the space between them.

Step Two:

Cut out your rubber design to be a bit larger than the wooden block. Cut out a piece of mounting foam the same size, peel back the adhesive side, and press the rubber onto the adhesive. If you aren't using the static cling mounting foam made to work with acrylic blocks for easy storage, then you can use foam mounting tape instead.

Step Three:

Use a craft blade to cut grooves into the rubber, tracing the outline of your wooden block. It'll be tricky to cut all the way through while the block rests on top of the rubber, so remove the block and finish cutting out the rubber using a steel ruler as your guide.

Step Four:

Peel off the back of the static cling mounting foam, and your stamp is ready to mount onto an acrylic block. If you aren't using the static cling mounting foam, peel off the back of your foam mounting tape and stick the rubber onto one side of a wooden block.
Repeat this process with an uncarved piece of rubber for your solid square stamp.
Remember to be as creative as you want with this. It's supposed to be a fun project. For more fun projects, click here to see my other tutorials.
Thank you @marshalledgar. You're right! Let me know if you make one for yourself! <3
I like the kit. you can create anything you want