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So many challenges this week its *makes explosion noise* Thanks for tagging me @DenieceSuit @BangtansArmy @B2utyrisa @SharayahTodd
1. Tell 5 random facts about you that's not listed in your bio. -Im super childish if you hang out with me i might be able to bring the kid in you out -Im innocent (don't have a dirty mind) until it comes to my fangirlness (kpop) then im not innocent no more hahaha...but come on im not the only one like that -huge move freak can say so many references "better out than in i always say" (i bet you know where this from) -you probably are getting to notice this but im all about family and friends like i don't care if people do or say stuff about me but when it comes to my friends or family you dead -and lastly im Mexican :[] i speak a lot of Spanish and i see my novelas and my Rosa De Guadalupe and my Domo Dice El Dicho (my mexican dramas/Shows) *bonus cause why not* Im from Texas :[] *BOX SMILE*
2. The most outrageous thing you've ever done, worn, or said? hmmmm......i would say the most outrageous thing i ever did in my life was when i was little around 3 to 5 year old (dont rember) my sister and i we where playing truth or dare wand we where in my uncles room and he had pet hamster or Guinea-pig (i cant remember) and i dared my sister to stick her finger in the cage and she did that my uncles pet bit her and she was crying and her finger had some blood on it and out of anger she told me you do it now and i was little so i did it also with out thinking and it bit me too and i ended up crying as well hahahaha i was a stupid kid back then...now im just weird hahaha
*Bonus Questions* What is your go to food when you can make up your mind? Chicken, Burgers, or Pizza im not even kidding What made you get into Kpop? What or who has gotten you into kpop? did someone introduce it to you or did you just happen to come across it etc. my friend ( @StarBabes ) forced me and yeah... i made a card for it look >> (https://www.vingle.net/posts/919579-How-My-Life-Was-Ruined-hehehe%0A-Ft-StarBabes ) What is the one thing that Motivates you to become the person you are today? The thing that motivates me is my family as i said in my previous cards my family is my everything i cant live with out them...My dad and sister our my main inspiration though what is you kpop security blanket? (The song you go to video you watch when everything is going wrong because you need cheering up) the song i hear that always cheers me up is So 4 More by bts
3. Tag 6 people and ask them a random question i tag these cool people @MayTaeyang @StephyBAP @StarBabes @xoxoadura98 @jiggzy @bts486 and here is your random question *drum roll*
Random Question: Did you have a nickname when you were growing up? If so, what was it and why were called that? my answer: i did and it would take forever to tell you all so im give you 5 nick names i have -Fish -Fishy -Steph -Stephy or ephy (HA! people just add the 'Y' at the end) -Bro (even though im girl you may understand and if you don't know then i don't know how to explain it sorry)
and just for the fun of it i want to show you my little baby cousin that i love my baby eric awwwahhhh i dont know i had to hehehe
@saraortiz2002 welll thats so cool @StephyBAP and @StarBabes are also from brownsville we all in high.....but stilll you from brownsville thats so awesome
Thank you for tagging me, I'll do this challenge right away ^_^
it is!😊😊😊
I'm an 8th grader. 😂
or well, maybe not any of them.
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