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So, I thought of something (I hope new on vingle) that we could all participate in. Let's compare some prices. We are from different cities, countries, states and even continents, so this will be (at least I think so) really interesting and hopefuly really fun. What do you think? Since I am a mixologist, I want to make this first card about some basic alcoholic drinks. I took a photo of some most known ones with price shown on photo as well. I want you guys to take a look at those picture, take notes of those drinks, go into your store (where you buy alcohol) and comment your prices, or better yet... make your own card of it :) In that case, be sure to tag me in it. So, let's start.

TANQUERAY London dry gin 0,7L

BEEFEATER London Dry Gin 0,7L

SAUZA Silver Tequila 0,7L

ABSOLUT Vodka 0,7L


HAVANA CLUB Light Rum 0,7L

BACARDI Light Rum 1L

So, this is is. Run to your store, and lets share some prices. Oh, and I know there will be different currencies, try posting in € or $ it is not a BIG difference anymore haha. We will be dealing with convertions later haha.
I'll check out first chance I get :)
@MooshieBay no problem, tha card will be here FOREVAA! :)
Thank you. I'll see if I can make it this weekend. might have to adjust my schedule.
sorry, i admire your talent but i don't drink alcohol
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