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Well @aabxo and I were talking about this challenge and I'm pretty positive no idol in their right mind would say "Oh yeah Erica? She's my friend" (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) sooooooo most of my squad are not idols. I think it's pretty obvious I lean toward the k-hiphop genre more anyway so it's all good. And I'm super late to the party so apologies. So a bit about me....I'm difficult to get along with because I tend to be a lil rough when it comes to teasing.....okay, I'm an a$$hole...I'll admit it. But in my defense, I'm hilarious. I'd like to say I'm shy but that just isn't true anymore lol. I'm immature in some ways....so I tend to attract a younger crowd. On the plus side, my maternal instincts are strong so I'll make sure you're fed, buy you that shirt you wanted, and give you a shoulder to cry on....but I'm a lil craycray too so I'll help you get rid of a body minimal questions asked and I'll expect no questions from you when that jerk who made you cry goes missing. So I don't really have a squad IRL because I have trust issues....oh and I'm a jerk too so that hinders the possibility of real friendship. So this was difficult at first....which is why it took me sooooooooo looooooong. @kpopandkimchi.....here we go homie.
So my clique would hafta be people that can handle my personality and allow me to not hafta sugarcoat my opinion or myself for that matter. THE BESTIE
BRIAN JOO would be my main britch. He's a diva....he's f*ckin fabulous. He has a strong personality that can hold up to mine. We'd wear pink on Wednesday but be fabulous errday. We'd work out together.....and still manage to argue about my love of food that will kill me. I'd try his crazy organic birdseed....i mean food and force him to try my cooking packed with lots of love and butter. He'd definitely force me to be more of an adult but I'd still be able to lighten him up on the maturity scale as well. We would be cool enough to stay in on a Friday night to chill and watch movies. Club can't handle our sexy all the time. He'd know all there is to know about me because if I didn't spill my guts he'd make life hell for me until I finally gave in and told him errythang. He'd truly be my R.O.D. We're the cool mom and dad of our clique but just the fact that we're older does not automatically mean we're more mature which is sad but don't judge. Anyone ever seen Christley Knows Best??
In case you haven't, I've provided a few choice Christley-isms...Brian and I are like having Todd Christley as both parents. Which could drive you nuts.....or make you laugh all the time or just drive you nuts....yeah prolly just drive you nuts.
Allow me to introduce y'all to..... MY SQUISHY
Loco (❁´‿`❁) He's the glue of our clique. We've got a lot of personality going on and he keeps everyone on good terms by being errybody's bestie. He fits in everywhere and although he tends to be shy, he's sickeningly likable. HE'S SO CUTE AND SQUISHY. He's adorkable when he's had too much to drink.....which makes for good entertainment. He has a good sense of humor and is a good sport about us documenting all of his drunk antics. But besides all that he's my most trusted friend and the one I turn to when I just need to vent because he just listens. And his smile is enough to make it all better. My favorite one-on-one time would be just listening to him practice his raps....he's crazy entertaining and talented AF. Now there's a squad within my squad....which I didn't plan on but as I was writing this the similarities we're undeniable and hilarious.....
Allow me to introduce MY MINION SQUAD MINION #1
Giriboy is one third of the minion crew within my clique. Definite Sour Patch Kid.....This smiling boy can be a definite smartass but still so sweet and adorable. He keeps up with my humor and we enjoy giving each other sh*t about just about EVERYTHING. But we're still friends at the end of the day. We only tease each other because we love each other♡ And I'm his best worst critic....I run no filter when he asks for my opinion about anything especially when he's working. And he appreciates that honesty but dishes it back when it's most uncalled for (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) So basically he's that lil sh*t brother that I never had. (FYI my real brothers are angels....they chose life rather than to give me sh*t (´ヮ`)) MINION #2
Lil Boiiiiiiii (•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)..... Well, he's just *sigh*.....He's that friend who I've got a legit crush on but I'd never admit it so SSSSHHHH he can't know. *ahem* Jay Park referred to him as a spicy pepper.....small in size but big in presence, talent, and adorableness. He and Giriboy together are almost too much but somehow just enough. Definitely fun, a lil crazy, but a lot awesome, he keeps us entertained with the rest of the minion squad. And that laugh...he's got a laugh that when you hear it, you gotta laugh too (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) which in turn keeps me laughing all day. Nonstop Good Times while he's around. MINION #3
Kid Monster aka KIMON from Hotshot is the last member of our minion squad. He's tiny but mighty and charismatic...we support/embarrass him in every aspect of his idol life. Calling him Oppa in public and asking him to take selcas with us. But that aside, we love him dearly. He's definitely chill and fun to be around. And he's a good sport because he has to be. He's the maknae of our clique. But as much grief as we give him...we take care of him too. Giving him advice even when he doesn't ask for it. He's constantly trying to get mama to dance but for the sake of humanity I decline. THE MUSCLE
Swings is definitely the bulldozer of our group. Ive said if I were a dude I'd probably be just like Swings. He's a strong personality and we're a lot alike. Which is great because we can win any argument by combining powers but also not so great when we disagree on something. World War errupts when we disagree....the world goes dark, mountains crumble, lightning flashes and thunder crashes as we hash it out. We'd wait for hell to freeze over before admitting we were wrong. We're both EXTREEEEEMELY stubborn and easily offended. But also fiercely loyal to our fwens <(‾︶‾)> So we forgive. And also fiercely protective so don't mess with our crew....we'll f*ck you up. We have confidence....his is bordering arrogance tho....js but I like that about him. But we both can also be extremely sensitive.... even shed a few tears over things. And our temper....smh Lord help you if you cross us. But still we're just a couple of nerds at heart.....wait nah more like a couple crazies who escaped from the same wing of the nuthouse. THE JESTER
A conversation with San E is better than Saturday Morning Cartoons. He's so animated and full of energy. He keeps us smiling and keeps the conversation rolling. I have next to nothing in common with San E other than the fact that we're adult children who laugh at EVERYTHING but we make it work. *bonus GIFs of us @aabxo!! <(‾︶‾)> THE HIPSTERS
Gray is the epitome of cool.....and so good looking he gives me a stomach ache. When he comes around I make him laugh with my idiocy but avoid eye contact at all costs...and still try to be chill so I don't get the sh*t teased out of me by errybody else (´ヮ`) Zion T is cooler than I could ever hope to be and soooooooo adorable at the same time. So the both of them chilling out with our squad seems a lil strange.....but we're entertaining I guess? And they like to dork out from time to time anyway.
So the gangs all here and accounted for └(^o^)┘ You'll notice I didn't add a bae.....I like to keep my options open these days. Im relationship cyanide anyway. Definitely had fun doing this.....took me forever tho so again apologies. So anyway, hope you enjoyed reading my pretend social circle. Now.......(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
food with love and butter?! Lmao i'm so in. san e is in my clique too! i'm in my own clique ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i got a lot of baes in my clique too. actually it's more of a who do i wanna look at everyday lmao but i mean, same thing right? XD
I would also like to state that we need to fix the fact that @PassTheSuga doesn't have a real life clique... I volunteer, what do you say guys? @poojas @kpopandkimchi @DancingPartyTme @aabxo @jiggzy19 :)
The minion squad hahahahah (also your comments about brian joo had me CACKLING)
I kinda wanna be part of this clique... \(^_^)\
@poojas you and me both ^^ honestly I have no idea who I'm gonna put in mine XD
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