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a little something I made for my kpop inductee band and my kings since the 9 years is coming up. Forever VIP. Forever bigbang.
Last farewell and haru haru was one of the first kpop song I heard. so it's pretty sentimental as I look back.
the club banging classic that dominated streets of Korea. The song that top charts and declared bigbang's king stats.
I know I skip a generation of their albums, but here are them sitting on le throne.
Top's sass walk
The MADE series that cannot be describe in words due to its perfection.
cha sooo dokkk
BANG BANG BANG! the vips anthem.
and the heart warming let's not fall in love.
finishing with zutter. 9 years with big bang. Tho for me it's only 8 years... but there are more years to go. More music to be released. From kpop rookies to now kpop kings. The five has written history to kpop itself and also became a leading figure in the industry itself. King ah~ please rest well and continue to be your perfect zutter self. Be happy and safe in your futures as we VIP will continue support no matter what.
Why can't I like this card 100 times lol. I have lived them since the beginning and will well beyond the end
Gotta love the talent that is represented within these five young men.
love it