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I gathered all of my ships together. May I add that those who shipped me will always hold a special place in the Heart! You all shipped me with some of my most favorite, and between the selfie challenge and this one, I have almost all of my biases! Thank you all so much!!
Here are the Ships: πŸ’–
The Lovely @SarahWise shipped me with the unbelievable beautiful man, HakYeon (N) πŸ’– from VIXX. Ack. The feels are really strong!! Thank you dear!!
My Beautiful Doll Baby's @Taijiotter @najalong1998 shipped me again with Kim Joon!! The JOONEE Ship is to set sail again!! *Argh can I just hug and pet him?* I'm extremely to far in the feels for this!! πŸ’–
@SharayahTodd I really want to hug you for this ship!! Thank you so very much DEAR!! I love this adorable, loveable, goofball!! DAEBAE!! πŸ’–
@B2utyrisa thank you for shipping me with this GEM Dongwoo!! He has been my favorite from Infinite for soo long. My night was made immensely! He's so GORGEOUS... πŸ’–
Dongee thank you @B2utyrisa for the ship name!! you are brilliant!!!
@katiems @Rhia Shipped me with my Bias from BTS J-Hope!! Thank you dears!!
I am really happy about this, because he's a goofball and that's what made me adore him!!! A-Hope @Rhia, thank you for the ship name!! πŸ’–
@caitlind9898 thank you dear for this ship. I feel like Jackson and I would have a contest over who's more mischievous. I am a pro, so he would have to take lessons. *SWOON*
Onew and I both love food, and he's adorable. WE would definitely be eating like all the time; I'm serious. No jokes here. I'm pretty sure we would also fight over chicken.
Onee & Jackee πŸ’–πŸ’–
@poojas Thank you dear!! Taecyeon is most definitely in my realm of goof. He's perf. πŸ’–
@BangtansArmy shipped me with my Ken. (>^~^)> Thank you Doll Face!!! You are one of the sweetest Doll Baby's ever!! I just want to hug you!!
Ken and I could be klutz and adorable together!!
Thank you for the Ship name #AIMEN πŸ’–
Thank you everyone for the fantastic ships!! I can now set sail!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
@katiems that he is dear! ^~^
@AimeeH haha J-Hope is just awesome! ^^ He's my bias for a reason lol~ <3
@katiems you could have not called it any better! I always thought we'd be cute together, but having others clarify made it that much sweeter. So thank you Doll Face!
hehe I just tell it how I see it <3
@najalong1998 I just want to pet them. They all look like they have soft hair.
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