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Happy V.I.P 9th anniversary day!! This is actually my official 9th year in kpop !! So umma party while in sitting iN this boring ass class~~~ So lets celebrate with some awesome pics and gifts of my babies!~
im in class with these humans sitting here like...
beautiful group pics
beautiful fanboying~~
When people keep saying they like kpop but only know Gangnam style or the 2ne1 Adidas commercial
its lunch time yass~
I hope you guys have a great day and enjoy! Is it your 9th year in kpop? how many years have you all have been a V.I.P? Me 8 years as a V.I.P and 9 years as a full kpopper
They went from cute boys to sexy ass men vip for life
Oh haha interesting! xD I just wanted more songs like PSY had and I saw GD's Without You on iTunes under what other people bought
Haha this is about my 4th year in kpop PSY was actually my first kpop song then I accidentally stumbled on GD through him and then stumbled on bigbang through GD and my friend
Ahh @majesticx I stumbled into kpop by seeing a se7en (former Big Bang. labelmate) mv on Youtube then I expanded to all yg artist to more