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Rich Kids of Instagram Will Ruin Your Day

"Time is money, so I use money to buy time."


@skee292's hilarious card (7 Times You Felt Like The Ultimate Peasant) reminded me of Rich Kids of Instagram, a horrifying Tumblr that reposts pictures of rich kids everywhere showing off their wealth. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to. But fair warning, it will make you cringe with jealousy and intense anger.

I can't even describe how much I hate it, I just have to show you.

Caption: "What my family BBQs look like."

Sorry, where can I park my Toyota 4Runner???

Caption: "Taking off for lunch in Monaco #youcan'tdothis"

I know I can't do this, please don't rub it in.

Caption: "Versace.Versace.Versace. #stacks"

I held a one hundred dollar bill once, it was nice.

Caption: "Let me park the small toy inside the bigger toy #convenient #yachtlife"

There are two boats INSIDE that other boat.

Caption: "Credit card workout #exhausted"

Yeah you look super exhausted in your luxurious bed made of fur.

Caption: "#TBT 6 Moët magnums, 1 Dom magnum, 1 mega mojito, and a lot of food. Price: $5,000 at bagatelle"

That's 5 months rent. Spent in about 2 hours.

Caption: "Lambo & monkey kind of day."

What is it with rich kids and exotic animals??

Caption: "All about that bass? No I'm all about this all-100s ATM."

I GET IT KIDS, YOU'RE WAY RICHER THAN ME. Why do you need to rub it in my face?!?

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@2littlelegs I agree so hardcore. It's kind of fun to laugh at these people, but it does make you feel a little insignificant... but honestly, i'd SO rather be happy and poor than miserable and rich. People who are showy with their wealth do it in an attempt to fill a hole in their hearts, and money just doesn't work that way. True wealth is a life full of loved ones, friends and family, doing what you love, making a difference in the world, giving back to others, awesome experiences, laughter, and seeing the world. That's all I need.
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I think it's hysterical. I especially love the Lamborghini and monkey one. Because that's the most baller way to drive I've ever seen... Really, when it comes down to it... people who feel the need to display their wealth are truly sad for they mistakenly think that material wealth equates to happiness, admiration, and inner wealth. The truth is they're empty and instead of envied they should be pitied. Plus... that monkey is gonna crap inside that expensive car and ruin the leather. Such a waste...
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hahaha @JonPatrickHyde you're so right on every level. It's pretty sad that they need to show off their money like this and eve sadder that he's gonna let that monkey mess up his nice car!
2 years ago·Reply
I don't know about you guys, but I'm 'Lambo & monkey'ing it up every single day.
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