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So I was tagged by @shannonl5 to do this challenge. Here we go!
5 Unusual Facts About Me 1. Out of my 2 siblings I'm the only one to complete high school and start college. 2. My natural hair color is a strawberry blonde. (Don't know if it counts but it is unique) 3. I was introduced to Anime in Middle school and have been drawing ever since. 4. First k pop video seen was Lollipop with Big Bang and 2ne1 5. I'm terrified of anything I can't hear. Ex spiders, snakes, etc. XD
Most outrageous thing you've done, said, or worn. Hmm I think the most outrageous thing I've done is when I was in kindergarten we were asked to draw our favorite scene or tv show. I drew rose naked on the sofa with leo drawing her. Let's just say my grandma was cracking up on the way home. XD
Answer to random question. "If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?" I would probably choose would be super strength. I always preferred this superpower because I could never have to make two trips with lots of groceries. XD
Now my random question! " If you could learn any skill what would it be and why?" I always wanted to learn how to survive in the wilderness because you never know when it could come in handy.
Well that it! I will give you a cute pic of my daughter too! Anywho now the tagging of 6 people. @RochelleRose @buddyesd @fourstargeneral @ErinGregory @IlseJimenez @drummergirl691
Thanks @shannonl5 for the tag. ^^ Peace I'm out.
@buddyesd @fourstargeneral Thanks ! I will still use the luck though. It's freaking expensive! ><
☺☺☺ You're good @loftonc16
@loftonc16 in that case good luck :)
@loftonc16 it's good:) I'd say good luck but it looks like you got the talent :):)
@buddyesd No just the last one. I'm going to be starting at the art institute in october though
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