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Nobody can shake your bond with music, and that's obvious!
Here are a few things that all die hard music fans experience.

1. It's a high level emergency when your headphones tangle up.


2. It's a straight up crisis if you leave home without them.

I'm never going to survive the day.

3. When your favorite artist comes out with a new song, music video or album it's an event.

Set an alarm, call your friends. It's go time.

4. You're probably the only person in your friend group who still pre-orders albums on iTunes and gets pumped for release dates.

No...I will not just stream it on youtube. I will support my favorite artists! Literally just pre-ordered the new Libertines record yesterday so step off.

5. When your favorite band does something awesome it's a personal victory for you too.

It's almost like their number one record is yours too.

6. And you do not stand for haters telling you that "your music sucks". You will defend your music till the end! dare you.

7. God forbid one of your favorite groups breaks up or someone takes a break from making albums. It's shattering.


8. But if that happens you're always interested in introducing yourself to new artists.

9. And sometimes a really good live version of a song can bring you to tears and concerts can change your entire life.

It doesn't matter where you are, at work, on the train, you're always listening intently for that perfect note, the chilling vocals. It gives you life. Concerts literally recharge your soul.

10. Music is everything to you, and you can't live without it.

And you don't care who knows it!
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That's awesome! I know how much you love Lita lol @buddyesd
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens that's true lol I just made a card with the trooper cover but I don't remember how to link to it
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
Listeninng to 10 Years as I read this. The feels are definity here
2 years ago·Reply
@B2STANG88 it is awesome to love music so unconditionally!
2 years ago·Reply